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Changing Default location of Databases (MDF, LDF) and Backup in SQL Server 2012

Log on your server by passing the credential. And open the property page as following.

Right click on server and select the Properties from options



And change the Location of  MDF, LDF or /and Backup



Press ok , it may need restart of SQL Server.



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Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120 (Access Denied)

I am trying to attach a database into MS SQL server 2012/ Altering from Read only true to Read only fals;
The following error is occurred:
Unable to open the physical file “, filename”, Operating system error 5: “(Access Denied)”. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120)


The associated file/s (.mdf or .ldf) read only or SQL (user) do not have permission to access file in the location it saved.
Browse the location of file/s (.mdf or .ldf) right click on file –>Properties


Click On security Tab –> Select the user (for me it is Everyone) –>click on Edit
And check the full control/ Modify option in Allow column–> Apply –>OK
Do the same for all other associated files, if any.
Now it’s completed. Try what are you doing.

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Finding out how much memory SQL Server is utilizing?

Many time for a new DBA  hard to find how much My Server utilising memory? Here is explained a number of ways to find the memory utilized by SQL server.

By Using Performance monitor:

 Go to Start–>Run and type perfmon . You will find the following screen where you can see the total memory used(the pages/sec) by your box.

By Using DMV:
You can Query to sys.dm_os_memory_clerks DMV to find out Memory utilization by SQL server. To see how see the following link.

By using SQL Reports:

Right Click on SQL Server–>reports–>Standard Reports–> Memory Consumption

See the Following image.

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My blog is growing…

Today is 24 sep. my blog’s foundation day, This article is written in response of my blog’s foundation day, on 24th September 2010 I was started this blog, which is dedicated to Beginner SQL DBA and other who are interested to know about. As on 15 September 2011 I have 1,824 visitors.

My blog is growing…

I am very glad, by seeing the growth of my technical blog and I am very thank full of my visitors and comment writers.

References Coming from:

Most references are coming from Google and others…

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DBA certification on SQL server in Mumbai:

DBA certification on SQL server in Mumbai:


I like to teach SQL server 2008(DBA) Certification Exam 70-432, after passing this single exam you will tagged as MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist). Which is I have passed with an 83%. I offer private tuition for interested students/ professionals with a competitive fee in industry.

            The training institutions ask a sound fee but most of them unable to deliver the knowledge and expertise for passing the exam and also to work with technology.


I am having approx 10 years of professional experience in IT field, see about me and my certifications


If any one interested to be an SQL server DBA, at there time and place (any where in Mumbai Only), just contact me on

Cell no. +91 9619492911(Ali)

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After Passing Microsoft’s 1st Exam

Congratulation: 1st of all congratulation to achieve the certification, now you are a MCTS/ MCP. You will get your MCP Access ID and code after next 3 to 7 working days, if still waiting for your MCP Access ID and code, contact to Microsoft Customer regional service centre.
(If you still looking to take the exam 70-432 visit my previous post: )
For Mumbai Region: 1 800 11 1100 (toll-free number BSNL), 1 800 102 1100 (toll-free number Airtel)
Others can Visit the following link
After Obtaining the MCP ID and Access code you can login to (You must hotmail ID)

• And here you can make an order of your hard copy certificate or download soft copy free.
• You can design your certification log and also can download fro free.
• You may plan for further certification.
• See the link for more benefit detail.

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SQL server DBA vs. Developer

Many time, new comers into MS SQL Server field (including me, When I was new in this field) rich at the Point that, what to select for future DBA or DEV?

 Here I am trying describing the Roles and other benefits of the DBA and DEV Professional as following.

 On the Basis of JOB ROLE:

 A SQL DEV. must have knowledge to write complex query and stored procedure. In the case of DBA writing simple query is ok.

  1. A SQL server DBA must be a master of High availability, High Performance and responsible for keep Database server out of Risk. Where developers are responsible writing code in a manner that consume less time and effort of hardware of server.
  2. Where the Developers can develop there won SPs and Functions and can develop high-end solution as per their ability. The DBAs are depending upon the pre developed SPs or tools.
  3. Mostly DBA’s job involves the shift work (night also). Mostly DEV’s job does not need to work in night shift. (Depends upon the Type of company)
  4. A DEV’s mistake may not effect more than a mistake of DBA, so a DBA having more sensitive responsibility than DEVs.

 Note: Some time a DBA can write the complex query, SPs and High-end solution. And some time a DEV can manage the high availability and performance problem of SQL Database server, in this case the Personnel doing so is a DBA cum DEV or a DEV cum DBA.

 On the Basis of Pay scale:

The pay scale is always depends upon the personnel’s ability. Many people said that a developer earns more than a DBA, but this is the time where may opportunities are open for the DBAs with high Pay scale.   

  On the Basis Job Offers:

  1. There is more opening for the DEV s in comparison of DBAs. But now in modern technological age the more positions are opening for the DBA also.
  2. Getting a job of Dev is easier than getting a job as DBA, because no one likes to entertain you with his Production Database, if you are fresher.

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