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Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120 (Access Denied)

I am trying to attach a database into MS SQL server 2012/ Altering from Read only true to Read only fals;
The following error is occurred:
Unable to open the physical file “, filename”, Operating system error 5: “(Access Denied)”. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120)


The associated file/s (.mdf or .ldf) read only or SQL (user) do not have permission to access file in the location it saved.
Browse the location of file/s (.mdf or .ldf) right click on file –>Properties


Click On security Tab –> Select the user (for me it is Everyone) –>click on Edit
And check the full control/ Modify option in Allow column–> Apply –>OK
Do the same for all other associated files, if any.
Now it’s completed. Try what are you doing.


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My Blog’s status 2013, thanks to all visitors

My Blog's status 2013, thanks to all visitors

I am very glad to see the growth of my blog, I am posting this after so many days as a new post , and I am very thak full for all the visiters and commenters. I got Aprox 15000 visiters til date, this a big achivements for a blogger.

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SQL server database Mirroring Error

One time when I am dealing with Mirroring with SQL server 2008 database, on my students stand alone desktop we encounter the Error:
The server network address “TCP://SQLServer:5022″ cannot be reached or does not exist.
Check the network address name and that the ports for the local and remote endpoints are operational.
(Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 1418)
We tried very hard but unable to short out the Error.
One day I get one mail from as I’m a subscriber of mail. In that mail I got the solution. The link is as:
And my recommendation for readers, please see this also.

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My blog is growing…

Today is 24 sep. my blog’s foundation day, This article is written in response of my blog’s foundation day, on 24th September 2010 I was started this blog, which is dedicated to Beginner SQL DBA and other who are interested to know about. As on 15 September 2011 I have 1,824 visitors.

My blog is growing…

I am very glad, by seeing the growth of my technical blog and I am very thank full of my visitors and comment writers.

References Coming from:

Most references are coming from Google and others…

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Microsoft certification path on SQL server:

Technology Specialist (TS):

Microsoft provide MCTS certificate after passing any one Exam of 70-432 for DBA or 70-433 for developer and 70-448 For BI. Here I am giving a rot map which is broadcasted by Microsoft itself on their website. To download the PDF Click here.


IT Professional certification (Pro):

Exam 70-450 : Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administrative Solution Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Exam 70-451 : Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Exam 70-452 : Designing a Business Intelligence Infrastructure Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Visit for more:



Exam 88-970: SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master: Knowledge Exam. And

Exam 88-971: SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master: Lab Exam



Successfully pass the MCA Board Exam conducted by Microsoft and industry experts.


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SQL server 2008 course fees in mumbai

I experienced that many guys are search the training fee of SQL server DBA, so I like to give a note on the DBA training fee which may applicable in Mumbai and other city in India.

The training institutions charges the fee as per there course module. And some time it’s varying institute to institute. Here I’m giving approximate fee on the basis of courses and training facility of institution.

 On the Base of Microsoft certification:

          If any one looking for SQL server certification’s training fee, it will be Rs. 7000 to 12000 for only one exam module, i.e. exam 70-432, exam 70-450, which is mostly excluding exam fee. The exam fee mostly charged Rs. 2250 to Rs.2500 extra.

On the Base of Institute’s certification:

            Some time training institute provides a certificate of completion of SQL Server DBA course or after exam held by institution. That is all up to institution may charges Rs. 10000 to 25000 depends upon the course material deleing by them and facility provided.

Note: This is recommended to candidate that he/she must ask clearly about all aspect of training like fee includes study material or other facility or not, and qualified trainer is available or not etc. The above detail is only my opinion reader please use there transparency while select training institution.


DBA certification on SQL server in Mumbai:

DBA certification on SQL server in Mumbai:


I like to teach SQL server 2008(DBA) Certification Exam 70-432, after passing this single exam you will tagged as MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist). Which is I have passed with an 83%. I offer private tuition for interested students/ professionals with a competitive fee in industry.

            The training institutions ask a sound fee but most of them unable to deliver the knowledge and expertise for passing the exam and also to work with technology.


I am having approx 10 years of professional experience in IT field, see about me and my certifications


If any one interested to be an SQL server DBA, at there time and place (any where in Mumbai Only), just contact me on

Cell no. +91 9619492911(Ali)

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